Cooper Tires 4x4 Rally Raid Zone

Cooper Tires 4x4 Rally Raid Zone

Rallyday's 4x4 Rally Raid Zone, sponsored by Cooper Tires, is an exciting and expanding area of the show where you can see a diverse range of 4x4 vehicles on display and in action. The Zone includes Trade Exhibitors, 4x4 club parking displays, Challenge Truck Demonstrations and a dedicated mixed surface stage

Comp Safari Infield Demo

In addition to the 4X4 Zone, 4x4 and rally enthusiasts can watch a superb demonstration of Dakar and Comp Safari Off Road vehicles on the main circuit infield. Drivers can go flat out and experience the 30ft long jumps created in front of the busiest spectator areas - if they're brave enough to take them!  


Challenge Truck Display

Last year so the Rallyday's Challenge area made rougher, taller and steeper than ever before! Expect more of the same this year with the Team and Innovate 4x4 working together to evolve this unique area and give both the drivers and spectators more jaw-dropping action with the Challenge Trucks & Trial Vehicles doing the seemingly impossible on the specially built course

There is a dedicated parking areas for off road and 4x4 clubs within the Rally Raid Zone. From the AWDC, to iconic Camel Trophy, G4's and individual 4x4 clubs there is a great range of vehicles on display from the 4x4 world. 

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